I'm Melquisedec Elemino but you can call me Melqui (Milky)  and I love styling and improvising things for computers.
And after graduating this 'habit' I hope will turn into be a real career of mine.
Lately I've been getting some great coverage doing it, too.

I'm easy going. I'm into specific kinds of sports like Trekking, Spelunking and Rock climbing! It's been much part of my life now.​ Since I live in the mountainous part of Cebu province in Philippines, I have been exposed to some beauty that this place could offer.

What else? I take my tea strong with a drop of milk and a splash of honey.

I am an open-minded person, so don't feel awkward to approach me! And yes! I like to talk about almost anything that will make me feel interested.

''Simplicity'' would be like my last name. Wanna know why? It's because I like being simple! just the way I am is what makes ME!

Anyway, this is a project I made for my subject teacher Mr. Jemuel Endoma. I hope he will appreciate my work.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions?

This is where you can find me online:

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